Find Supply Chain Management and Logistics Degree Programs

There’s never been a better time to study supply chain management and logistics. The combination of e-commerce growth and the global pandemic has caused massive disruptions to the global supply chain, from material shortages to labor disruptions and shipping delays. But these emerging challenges make skilled supply chain professionals in demand and appreciated like never before. Businesses from every sector are on the hunt for capable supply chain talent, making it an exciting time to pursue your education.

There are over 600 accredited supply chain and logistics degree programs available from colleges nationwide, but finding them all is an arduous task. Making sense of your options is nearly as complicated as the industry itself! That’s why we compiled handy guides to academic programs in supply chain management. Each includes a directory of academic programs and background information on what you should know about these degrees. You can browse programs by degree level (bachelors, masters, certificates, PhDs), delivery (online and hybrid), academic specialty (supply chain MBAs and supply chain analytics), and location (by state).

Browse our supply chain and logistics degree guides below to start your search!

Programs by Degree Level

Bachelor’s Degrees

A bachelor’s degree is a smart first step toward a supply chain career. Bachelor-level programs are offered as Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Sciences, with most being concentrations attached to Bachelor of Business Administration programs. Students will complete general undergraduate requirements, core coursework in business, management, and marketing, and supply chain coursework required by the major. Most students can expect to complete their studies in four years, enter the field, or pursue a graduate degree.

Find Supply Chain Management and Logistics Bachelor’s Degrees

Master’s Degrees

Students interested in managerial supply chain and logistics roles should consider earning a graduate degree. Not only will they provide specialized knowledge in subjects like analytics, but they often provide a heavy dose of business management and leadership training. Students have various options, from supply chain MBA programs to standalone graduate degrees offered by academic departments dedicated to supply chain management. Most supply chain graduate degrees can be completed in one year of full-time study, making them an attractive option for motivated students and professionals alike.

Find Supply Chain Management and Logistics Master’s Degrees

Certificate Programs

Students with an undergraduate degree should consider a supply chain certificate program if they’re interested in additional learning but aren’t ready for an entire graduate degree program. Graduate certificates provide advanced knowledge in a short time. Most can be completed in six months to one year, part-time outside of work, and online or over weekends. Most certificate programs are in supply chain management and logistics, but plenty focus on niches, including global supply chains or supply chain analytics.

Find Supply Chain Management and Logistics Graduate Certificate Programs

Ph.D. Programs

Supply chain doctoral programs are reserved for future academics, researchers, and executive-level professionals. While most are Ph.D. programs, some are DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) programs. Doctoral programs are research-heavy and often require a doctoral dissertation before completion. Students will complete their studies in three to five years, upon which they’ll be eligible to pursue university faculty positions or a senior role in the industry.

Find Supply Chain Management and Logistics DBA and Ph.D. Programs

Online and Hybrid Degree Programs

Online Bachelor’s Degrees

A bachelor’s degree is often a baseline requirement in the supply chain field, but that doesn’t mean you have to attend university in person. Programs are offered 100% online, primarily online with a few on-campus residencies, or a hybrid online and on-campus mix. Compare options to discover which programs provide a quality undergraduate education in a distance learning format that works best for you.

Find Online Bachelor’s in Supply Chain Management and Logistics Degrees

Online Master’s Degrees

Online graduate degrees have become incredibly popular over the past five to ten years. They allow students and professionals to pursue advanced degrees and skillsets from home. And with many programs embracing asynchronous learning, students can complete their studies on their schedules. This flexibility makes it possible to earn a supply chain master’s degree around other responsibilities, including family and work. As a result, an online Master’s in Supply Chain Management and Logistics is an excellent option for anyone interested in managerial supply chain roles.

Find Online Master’s in Supply Chain Management and Logistics Degrees

Specialized Programs

Supply Chain MBA Programs

MBA programs have fully embraced the supply chain industry. Dozens of universities offer MBA concentrations in supply chain management, logistics, operations management, analytics, and several other relevant specialties. And programs are often online because many MBA students are working professionals. You’ll find traditional, full-time MBA programs, executive MBAs, part-time MBAs, etc.

Find MBA in Supply Chain Management and Logistics Programs

Supply Chain Analytics Programs

Supply chain operations involve highly complex processes with many variables impacting an organization’s success. That’s why analytics-focused professionals are invaluable. They oversee complicated supply chain operations, locate inefficiencies, and strategize solutions. Students interested in supply chain analytics can find academic offerings at the bachelor’s and master’s-level, as well as certificate programs.

Find Supply Chain Analytics Programs

Programs by State

Students interested in programs closer to home can browse our supply chain degree directory by state. The state guides include all options at each degree level (from bachelor’s to PhDs), academic specialty (SCM, logistics, and more), and delivery method (campus and online). Find your state from the list below to start your search.