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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities in the field of supply chain management and logistics are expected to grow by 30% over the next decade—much faster than the national average.

That means it’s a great time to pursue a degree in this fast-paced, in-demand and growing field. Our educational resources make it easy to get started, with the information you need right at your fingertips.

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The Role of SupplyChainGuide.org

The goal of SupplyChainGuide.org is to help students and professionals find the right educational opportunities in this field. While this field is growing quickly and attracting new talent, it’s also complex, and students need all of the help they can get with finding the right educational opportunities for their needs.

That’s where SupplyChainGuide.org comes in. This site offers the insight you need when choosing the right program for you, from the types of supply chain management degrees available to how these degree programs work and the schools that offer these programs.

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Whether you’re looking for insight into supply chain training programs, certificate programs, or a bachelor’s and graduate degree program in this field, the information listed on this site can help you find the right fit.

Our site can guide you through your options, which include hundreds of different schools, programs, and degree types, including certificate programs, in-person degree programs, and hybrid or fully online options.

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The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the growth of remote learning, and the demand for online programs in supply chain management has exploded in the time since. Many working professionals are returning to school and either need or prefer to study online or in a hybrid setting.

As a result, we’re offering a wide range of information on distance learning program options for students who want or need access to these types of programs. The programs listed on these pages are offered in hybrid format, mostly online, or 100% online.

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In this competitive market, it’s more important than ever to set yourself apart from the competition. There are many different specialization options to choose from within the supply chain management field, and students have more choices than ever to specialize their degrees or educational programs.

Want to set yourself apart in this exciting field? We offer pages dedicated to specific fields of supply chain management and logistics so you can find the right career specialization for you.

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Charting a course on the right career path can occur at any point, whether you’re a recent graduate or a professional looking for a career change. Plus, not everyone wants to or is willing to relocate for school.

If you want to find a supply chain management program that’s closer to home, we have you covered. We offer individual state pages that cover every available program in each state, so you can easily determine what educational options are available in your area.

Supply chain management and logistics degrees by state

Explore Careers in Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Interest in supply chain management careers has exploded, and for good reason. The supply chain kinks that were caused by the pandemic helped kick the need for these types of professionals into high gear, and that need has only continued in the time since.

An ongoing shortage of supply chain managers has added to the growing interest in this field. Not only are there too few supply chain managers to fill the open positions, but more supply chain professionals are expected to retire from the field in the coming years. This means the demand for new talent will stay high over time.

The bottlenecks and other issues plaguing the industry are also expected to elevate the need for talented professionals in this field. From sourcing to purchasing and handling the transportation of supplies and goods, supply chain managers are a vital part of the solution to the supply chain issues businesses are facing.

We can help you find what it takes to get started on this exciting career path today. Our goal is to not only help students meet their educational options, but also explore the various career paths that are possible within this industry. We do this by creating guides to specific jobs in the field.

Each job guide in our career section features vital insight into what you should know about each career path. This includes:

  • Job titles
  • Duties and responsibilities of each role
  • How you can pursue these career paths
  • Career outlooks for each role
  • Salary information for each position

The career guides we offer include:

Why Choose Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management professionals play a vital role in helping businesses maintain the balance between the supply of inventory and consumer demand by sourcing, purchasing, and handling the transportation of supplies and goods. Experts in this field also develop long-term plans to reduce costs and improve profitability.

This field has made numerous headlines over the last few years, primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the start of the pandemic, industries worldwide were temporarily shuttered, which caused widespread disruption to the manufacturing and the movement of goods. In turn, materials and goods became scarce.

In February 2020, retailers reported having 43 days of inventory. One year later, retailers reported having just 33 days worth of inventory, indicating crucial issues within the supply chain. In turn, businesses couldn’t secure enough inventory to fill shelves, and shortages were rampant.

Congested ports only added to the issue. As businesses turned to overseas sources to find materials, the ports became gridlocked, and container ships were forced to wait weeks or even months to deliver materials.

Times of economic uncertainty typically lead consumers to postpone purchases of durable goods, but consumer spending actually rose sharply in the U.S. during this time. This put even more pressure on the supply chain, and shortages of inventory became the norm.

As these issues compounded, it was supply chain managers who were tasked with finding the solutions. If grocery store shelves were full, or if building or construction materials were obtained, it was almost certainly due to a supply chain professional’s creative problem-solving.

The rising cost of materials is also helping to drive more demand for professionals in this field. Materials costs increased by double digits early in the pandemic, and the costs have continued to rise in the time since.

In turn, businesses are increasingly turning to supply chain managers to bridge the gap between procuring the necessary materials and keeping the bottom line manageable.

The rampant labor shortage has further driven the uptick in demand in this field. Trucks move 72% of American freight, but a nationwide shortage of truck drivers has caused the prices for shipping and delivery to skyrocket.

As of 2021, the nation was facing a record deficit of 80,000 truck drivers, as more truck drivers are exiting the field than entering it. That trend is unlikely to end in the near future.

As such, supply chain experts will continue to play a vital role in helping to resolve the shipping and transportation issues that millions of businesses are facing right now.

But it’s not just the businesses that will benefit from more supply chain experts entering the market. Those pursuing degrees in this field can reap the unique benefits this field offers, including:

  • High median salaries: The median pay rate for supply chain managers was $82,007 per year as of 2020, or about $42 per hour, according to a recent survey from the ACSM. That’s 24% higher than the national median salary—and the median salary was the same regardless of gender. Plus, 91% of supply chain management experts reported receiving additional cash compensation from bonuses or profit-sharing.
  • Excellent career satisfaction rates: Nearly 88% of supply chain professionals have a positive career outlook, and 85% would recommend supply chain as a career path for others to pursue.
  • Great benefits: According to the ACSM survey data, nearly 75% of supply chain experts are offered paid family and medical leave as a standard benefit of employment. More than 80% receive three weeks or more of vacation, and 79% of experts in this field report being satisfied with the quality of their benefits.

The Future Looks Bright for Supply Chain Management

If you’re a student looking for a career path that combines business with creative thinking and strategizing, or if you’re a working professional looking for a rewarding and lucrative career change, supply chain management is an excellent field to consider.

Not only is it continuously making news headlines due to the opportunities and challenges caused by the pandemic, but the lack of labor force means there’s a significant need for new talent.

You can help fill those roles, but you’ll need to find the right educational path first. We can help you find that path by helping you explore your options.

But the ongoing need isn’t the only reason to explore this field. The future of this industry looks brighter than ever thanks to:

  • The incorporation of AI and robotics: Advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics are starting to make waves in the supply chain industry, so this field will soon get even more exciting.
  • A focus on sustainability: The industry’s increasing focus on sustainability makes it a great option for students who want to help make a real change.
  • A growing need for risk management: There is also a growing need in this field for professionals who can help businesses predict and manage risk. These skills are likely to become even more valuable in the near future, too.

This is a great time to explore what a career in supply chain management can offer you. This industry is changing rapidly, and it will be exciting to see what’s in store for the future.

We’re proud to help the next generation of supply chain professionals find the right paths in this rewarding field.