Supply Chain Management Degrees in South Dakota

The South Dakota economy has seen massive ups and downs in recent years, from bioscience and technology to agriculture and livestock. After setting a global record for COVID-19 deaths before ranking in the top #5 nationally for the lowest number of new cases, South Dakota became a national leader in economic recovery.

But the state’s economy has begun to stall, partly due to supply chain disruptions tied to the pandemic and extreme winter weather. Complicating matters is a tight labor market, with roughly three job openings for every unemployed South Dakota worker.

These factors combine to make South Dakota an attractive place to pursue a degree in supply chain management. The state is actively reforming regulations, with millions in private and public investments to improve critical supply chains. However, realizing the benefits of those investments will take strong logistics professionals. Students who study supply chain management in South Dakota will position themselves as an in-demand solution to the state’s biggest economic hurdles.

All South Dakota Supply Chain Management and Logistics Degree Programs

National American University-Rapid City | Rapid City, SD

Online Bachelor's in Business Administration - Supply Chain Management

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