Supply Chain Management Degrees in Idaho

Potatoes aren’t the only thing growing in Idaho. The state also has thriving lumber, mining, and manufacturing sectors. Moreover, following the announcement of a major expansion by semiconductor manufacturer Micron and Google’s interest in building out their fiber network in the state, the pace of economic expansion doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Supporting Idaho’s supply chains is an army of long-haul truck drivers, with more than 94% of the state’s goods transported by truck at a rate of more than 62,000 tons daily. Between carriers and manufacturers, the future of Idaho’s economy hinges on logistics professionals to keep things running. If you want to study supply chain management in a market where your skills will be in high demand, this state is where you want to be.

All Idaho Supply Chain Management and Logistics Degree Programs

Boise State University | Boise, ID

Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management

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Brigham Young University-Idaho | Rexburg, ID

BS in Business Management Operations

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